GIRI Institute of Development Studies
Projects in Progress

Job Search and Hiring Practices in Urban Markets in India: How Inclusive is the Indian Private industry? Sponsor: Indian Council of Social Science Research, New Delhi, (by Prof. R.P Mamgain)


Impact Assessment of Disaster and Trends in Sustaining Recovery in Uttarkhand, Sponsor : Indian Council of social Science Research, New Delhi (by Prof G.S Mehta, Prof. R.P. Mamgain and Prof.I.C. Awasthi).


Estimation of District Level Poverty in Uttarkhand. Sponsor: DES, Dehradun, (by Prof. R.P.Mamgin)


Agrarian Crises Leading to Farmers Distress in the State of Uttar Pradesh, Sponsor: NABSRD, R.O. , LUCKNPW, (by Prof. G.S. Mehta, Prof. I.C.Awasthi and Dr. Nomita.P.Kumar)


Emerging Agrarian Relations And Agricultural Labour in North India: An Investigation in Uttar Pradesh Sponsor: ICSSR, New Delhi (by Dr.Prashant Kr. Trivedi, Prof. Surinder Kumar and Mr. Absar Ahmed).


Skill Gap Analysis in the State of Uttar Pradesh, Sponsor: ICSSR, Project Directors (by Prof. I.C. Awasthi and Dr. K.S. Rao).


Human Security and Vulnerability in Uttar Pradesh and Odisha ,Sponsor: ICSSR, New Delhi (by Dr. C. Senapati)


Project on Economic Integration and Peace Prospects in South and Central Asia: Sponsor: ICWA, NEW Delhi (Dr. C.Senapati)


Changing Loyalty in Electoral Politics in Uttar Pradesh: A Study of Marginalized Group. Sponsor: ICSSR New Delhi (by Dr. Ship Shikha Singh and Dr Manjur Ali)


Development, Dispossession and class formation: A study of Rajarhat New Town in West Rengal and POSCO Project in Odisha, Sponsor: ICSSR New Delhi (by Dr. Animesh Roy).


Training needs Assessment, Module Development for Panchayati Raj in Uttar Pradesh (GPDP) Sponsor: Department of Panchati Raj Govt. of Uttar Pradesh, (by Prof. B.K. Bajpai and Prof. I.C. Awasthi)


Import-Export of all the Commodities in Uttarkhand, Directorate of Economics and Statistics, Govt of Uttarkhand (by Prof. B. K. Bajpai Prof. I.C.Awasthi)


Survey of Child Labour in Gonda District of Uttar Pradesh, Sponsor: National Child Labour Project (NCPL) Gonda, (by Professor B.K. Bajpai)


Development of Composite Index to measure Backwardness of District in Uttarkhand, Sponsor: DES, Dehradun (by Dr. C.S. Verma and Dr. Shivakar Tiwari)