GIRI Institute of Development Studies
Research Programme - Completed

Post Doctoral Fellow

Name of Scholar Period of study Title of Research work Supervisor Remark
01. Dr. Ruchi Tiwari 30.04.2011 to 29.04.2016 Quality of Life Among School Age Children and their Schooling in District of Lucknow; A Geographical Study Prof. B.K.Bajpai UGC Post Doctoral Fellowship for Women
02. Dr. Neelam Agarwal 15.12.2014 to 14.12.2016 Forest Rights Act and Tribal Development in Forest Villages: A Study of Tharu Adivasi in Uttar Pradesh Prof. Surinder Kumar ICSSR Post Doctoral Fellowship
03. Dr. Achala Srivastava 15.01.2015 to 14.01.2017 Fertility Differentials in Uttar Pradesh: A District Level Analysis Prof. G.S.Mehta ICSSR Post Doctoral Fellowship