GIRI Institute of Development Studies
Ph.D. Scholars - Completed

Scholars Awarded Ph.D.

Student Supervisor University Topic
01. V K Goel Dr. T S Papola Kumaun Industrialization of Ghaziabad District in U.P. : A Case Study
02. Ashutosh Joshi Dr. T S Papola Kumaun Locational Pattern of Industries in U.P. (1960-78)
03. D S Bhauryal Dr. T S Papola Kumaun Economics of Out-migration : A Study of Kumaun Region
04. S S Khanka Dr. T S Papola Kumaun Labour Force, Employment and Unemploy-ment in a Backward Economy : A Study of Kumaun Region
05. D N Kakkar Dr. T S Papola Kumaun Regional Imbalances in Economic Development : A Case Study of Uttar Pradesh
06. P Eashvaraiah Dr. B K Joshi Kanpur Communist Party in Power in India : A Study of Promise of New Society in the Context of Bourgeois Liberal, Political System
07. C N Ray Dr. H S Verma Kumaun Organisation of Beneficiaries and Party Intervention : A Study of Some Rural Development Programmes in Post 1977 and pre-1977 West Bengal
08. G S Mehta Dr. T S Papola Kumaun Education, Employment and Earnings : A Study on the Role of Education in Equalisation of Economic Opportunity
09. P C Tewari Dr. G P Mishra Kanpur Modernisation and Growth in U.P. Agriculture
10. Mrs. Kanchan Singh Dr. T S Papola Kanpur Sources of Economic Growth in U.P.
11. Shashi Maheshwari Dr. R T Tewari Kanpur Policy Measures and Industrialisation of Backward Areas of U.P.
12. Rajendra Nath Shukla Dr. R T Tewari Kanpur Regional Inequalities and Agricultural Development : A Case of U.P.
13. G. Bhaskar Rao Dr. G P Mishra Kanpur Regional Structure of Development and Growth in Indian Agriculture : An Inter-state Analysis
14. Kishor C Samal Dr. T S Papola Kanpur Urban Informal Sector : A Study of Sambalpur Town
15. Yogesh Kumar Dr. G P Mishra Kanpur Urbanisation, Urban Growth and Development in Uttar Pradesh
16. Ruby Ojha Dr. R T Tewari Kanpur Economic Infrastructure and Regional Development in U.P.
17. S P Tewari Dr. R T Tewari Kanpur Economic Regionalisation in U.P. A Temporal Analysis
18. Ruby Ahluwalia Dr. T S Papola Kanpur Economics of Rural Industries
19. C S Adhikari Dr. T S Papola Kanpur Changing Structure of Industries in U.P.
20. R Rohatgi Dr. T S Papola Kanpur Handloom Industry and Its Workers
21. A K Belwal Dr. T S Papola Kanpur Taxation of the Unorganised Informal Sector in India
22. Pooja Juyal Dr. B K Joshi Kanpur Civil Liberties and the State in India (A Study of the Role of Some Voluntary Organisations)
23. Praboth Seth Dr. R T Tewari Kanpur Growth and Structure of Leather Industry in U.P.
24. Reena Mishra Dr. A K Singh Kanpur Changing Profiles of Women Workers ( A Study of Women Professional Workers in Lucknow City)
25. Sarita Tewari Dr. R T Tewari Kanpur Inter-Regional Pattern of Industrialisation in U.P.
26. Nomita Nigam Dr. A K Singh Kanpur Women in Secretarial Jobs : A Study of Their Employment & Working Conditions in Lucknow City
27. R C Tyagi Dr. G P Mishra Kanpur Economic Analysis and Growth Implications of Expanding Sugar Output Through Alternative Technologies
28. Fahimuddin Dr G P Mishra Kanpur State Regulations in Foodgrains Marketing : A Case Study of Saharanpur Market
29. B K Bajpai Dr. G P Mishra Kanpur Marketable and Marketed Foodgrains Surplus in U.P. : Estimation and Projection
30. Rachna Mujoo Dr R T Tewari Kanpur Technological Change and Development of Organised Industrial Sector in U.P.
31. Neerja Misra Dr. G P Mishra Kanpur Agrarian Structure and Technological Change in U.P.
32. P S Garia Dr. A K Singh Kanpur Role and Problems of Female Labour in Agriculture (A Field Study in the Hill Region of Uttar Pradesh)
33. Mridula Goel Dr. G P Mishra Kanpur Gender Bias and Development in U.P. : With Reference to Female Education
34. Achala Srivastava Dr. A K Singh Kanpur Socio-Economic Status of Women and Gender Disparity : An Inter District Study of U.P.
35. Anu Singh Dr. A Joshi Kanpur Power Sector Reforms in India : A Case Study of U.P.
36. Ashok Kumar Pathak Dr. SSA Jafri Lucknow Uttar Pradesh Ki Anusuchit Janjatiyon Par Vikas Ke Prabhav Ka Bhavgolic Vishleshan - Tarai Ki Tharu Janjati Ki Vishesh Sandarbh Main Addhyayan
37. Gunjan Pandey Dr. A K Singh Kanpur Fiscal and Financial Flows to State and Regional Imbalances in India : 1971 to 2001
38. Yogesh Bandhu Arya Dr. DM Diwakar Kanpur Trade Competitiveness and Implications of WTO on Agriculture : A Study of Wheat and Rice Growers of Uttar Pradesh
39. Brijesh Tewari Dr. GP Mishra Kanpur Adequacy of Infrastructure for Industrial Development in Eastern Uttar Pradesh
40. Poonam Singh Dr. A K Singh Kanpur A Study of Trends and Determinants of Savings and Investment in Agriculture in India Since 1980-81 (With Special Reference to U.P.)
41. Savita Srivastava Dr. BK Bajpai Kanpur Health and Education Sector in India during Five Year Plans
42. Kavita Dr. AK Singh Kanpur Participation and Economic Contribution of Women in Agriculture with Special Reference to Western Uttar Pradesh
43. Pratima Ghosh Dr. BK Bajpai Kanpur Land Management for Optimizing Its Uses in U.P.
44. Aktika Khatoon Dr. BK Bajpai Kanpur Employment and Income Generation through Rural Non Form Sector "A case Study of Eastern Uttar Pradesh"