GIRI Institute of Development Studies
Welcome to GIDS Library: A Learning Resource Centre


The GIDS library is an invaluable resource center for students, researchers and faculty of Social Sciences disciplines. It is a State of the Art Library which provides access to rare Academic Resources and Infrastructure for its scholars. It is considered to be rich in resources and is a well ensconced special library aiming in generating fresh ideas from learning resources in form of collections that may be textual or digital. The basic aim is to be profound in generating elevated values, enriching academic excellence and aiding in high quality research work that matches global benchmarks. The commitment of the library is towards fulfilling its mission of facilitating access to current, global and relevant information by identifying, acquiring, organizing and retrieving information to serve the academic needs of research fraternity.

The GIDS Library works with a goal to be committed to provide accurate, fast and need based user services keeping in mind the Institutional objectives and ever changing research needs of the researchers. At the same time, the quality assurance is kept in mind to render these services.


  • To create a support system for researchers
  • To act as the centre of learning resources
  • To strengthen the academic infrastructure of the institute
  • To support the research and consultancy programmes of the institute
  • To store, retrieve and disseminate information
  • To have repository centre of information on the state of Uttar Pradesh
  • To provide modern state-of-the-art, integrated and networked library services