GIRI Institute of Development Studies
Activities (Research & Training)

The main activities of the Institute consist of:


  1. Conducting research studies in the field of social science on various aspects of development.
  2. Training of academics and officials engaged in the task of research and formulation and implementation of development plans and programmes.
  3. Providing consultation and professional assistance to the government and other public institutions in the formulation of plans and programmes of socio-economic development.


Towards fulfilling its objectives of development of human resources in the field of social science research, the Institute offers Doctoral Degree Programme in Economics, Sociology and Political Science through its affiliation with Indian universities. ICSSR has bestowed eight fellowships for the Doctoral Degree Programme.


GIDS organises short-term training programmes and workshops for research scholars and government officials on subjects of national and topical interests.


The function of providing consultation and assistance to public institutions, particularly the State and Central Governments, is performed by the faculty as members of various advisory and consultative bodies as well as by providing consultation on formulation of research and action programmes. Besides, the output of the Institute's research studies is also made available to the concerned bodies for their use in the formulation, implementation and evaluation of programmes.